Audacious, DeadBeef, Clementine

I don’t use RhythmBox or Banshee, as they are too bloated for me. I was a Winamp user.

I tried Audacious, DeadBeef, and Clementine. The following is a brief comparison,

  Audacious DeadBeef Clementine
Shortcut key Affect application only Affect application only Global hotkey
APE tag support Didn’t test Can load APE tag Cannot load APE tag
AAC support Correct file extension needed (I rename to .MP4) Can play Can play
Drag-and-drop songs among playlist Copy Move Copy
Copy-paste songs among playlist (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) Can Cannot Cannot

Clementine global hotkey gives me trouble to navigate the audio file within the application.

DeadBeef works well, the only drawback is managing the playlist.

And, my favourite is Audacious. It works well in various aspects.

P/S: Just found that Audacious cannot customize the shortcut keys, but only the global hotkeys with the plugin enabled. The default shortcut keys are Winamp compatible.



let me tell you… “freemake video converter” is a superb piece of software man~~~~~~~~
why do I use that??
1. I wanted to rip my VCD (DVD, I’ve not tried yet, I think…) so that I can play on USB on my smartTV, it did the job,
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