Task List (aka To Do List)

I like to write Task List (or To do List), as it helps me to recall what is the next thing to do and what has been done. By completing the tasks, makes me feel satisfied as it shows the growth or development of my life (and daily life). By using tasks list, I will not wandering around too much, as I remember what to do next.

There are two Task List apps which I found nice: Wunderlist and Any.do. Both are available on Android and Chrome extensions. Both can perform synchronization (as most of the apps should able to do).

I personally prefer Wunderlist, as it has a cleaner view, the widget in Android can show the lists by different categories. One drawback of Wunderlist is, I cannot change the notification sound.

On the other hand, Any.do looks more aesthetic. And the good part is, it can set the notification sound. As a result, you can choose a sound that is louder and more alerting.

If running either Wunderlist or Any.do on Huawei phone, you may not get the reminder works. Because Huawei EMUI (Huawei’s OS) will kill the background apps to reduce battery usage. This can be solved by go to Phone Manager > Protected Apps, and you can add the apps like Wunderlist or Any.do as the protected apps, so that they are not killed.


Android file transfer to computer without cable

I used Xiaomi Mi 3, that the MIUI default file browser has a feature, which allows FTP server setup. So that you can access the phone’s storage through the FTP server, without USB cable. As long as your computer and your phone is using a same LAN.

But since my Xiaomi phone is rest in peace, I bought Huawei phone. And the Huawei phone doesn’t have this feature. So, looking around from Google Play store, I found the FTPServer. It is nice to setup, including username, password, port, and the default directory. (Note: please set the default directory to the SDCard, others are inaccessible.)

As long as your computer has the FTP client, then you can transfer the files easily from/to your phone. In my case, I use FTP fuser mount. Super nice!

camera apps…

nah… see, lately, I was kinda… (have nothing better to do, or simply, just don’t want to do something better… wahahahahahahaha!!) so, suddenly, I was relooking into my camera apps again,
for the past year, I’ve been backing up my photo to flickr, not all, but selectively, but then, I realised, I can’t get it out, ie. get it out with the caption I put in… so, I was upset with flickr!! oh, dear flickr, please do something about it, but anyway, since yahoo’s been sold off, I doubt there’ll be any improvement in the near future…
so, I look into it, then, I decided to give googlephotos a try… well, I hate to say, cos, google’s tied to your device very tightly, so, it’s kinda confusing, though I’m still using it, for a little while longer… cos, it’s encouraging you to backup ALL YOUR PHOTOS, which I don’t like, in terms of that,
I still prefer flickr, as in the process of uploading, choosing which photos to be uploaded to which albums…, that, was frill-less…
ok, back to my camera apps story,
so, I can’t download/print my flickr photos with the caption/description/title…
so I got upset, and I was looking up and down, in and out, for a good apps,
just give me a few simple things…
ya, nowadays, I tell you!!!! simple things are difficult to get,
just simple things, people just don’t get it,
one good example, Line Camera Apps used to be good, though I prefer Pinguo’s Camera360,
again, these 2, have updated their apps, to having some very unwanted features, as to my standard…
Line Camera, they used to have that polaroid kinda photo frame, and I could write the caption below that photo, NO MORE!!!
Camera360, they use to be able to do batch processing, ie. batch filter, but NO MORE!!!!
irritating, isn’t it!!!!
all I want, is to be able to do some picturecard/photocard/polaroid or some sort, but nah~~~
and on iOS, they used to have this NOTICA Apps, which, till date, I still think, it’s best of its kind…
and sadly, best of its kind, is obsolete now, as in, you go to apps store, the search will give you 0 return…
so, to cut short the story,
after downloading/installing/uninstall a few apps,
below is my finding,
vsco cam – just found out it can do batch edit, bravo, and I still keep this in my phone, as I do love their filter, kinda… “dusty”, ^_^
pixlr – polaroid and caption, it’s this “nolaroid” thing, (it can’t name itself after Polaroid, as long as it’s not by Polaroid)
camera+ – insta card and caption, but can’t choose font, what I gather is, the font’s according to the frame/filter that you pick,
but of all…
I sent a sample of each to my friend, who I happened to chat with,
I mean, the -laroid photocard,
camera+, pixlr, and fotorus,
my friend said that, the one from camera+ is the best, she likes it the best…
then, I told her, ya… it’s in iOS and it’s a paid apps… ^_^
now I see, I see…

HTTrack, FBReader, and Calibre

HTTrack Website Copier is always my favourite. Internet is not always available. Download a website, especially articles, for offline reading is always a good solution. HTTrack is the best. Previously I used GUI, but in Linux, command-line is a better method.

On the other hand, Android e-book reader I used most is FBReader. It supports multiple e-book format, especially EPUB. FBReader is easy to use, and there is night reading mode. Furthermore, it is open source and available in multiple platforms.

The best e-book management software I know is Calibre. The best feature is e-book conversion which supports various e-book format.

However, I have a problem with the downloaded website using HTTrack. The offline website is converted to EPUB format, which can be read by FBReader. Yet, because of the EPUB is a ZIP compressed file, opening the EPUB file requires to decompress it and retrieve the content. Moreover, the offline website is around 50 megabytes and contains around 4,400 files. This causes using FBReader to open the e-book requires more than 1 minute. This is extremely annoyance.

At the end, I choose to use Calibre to convert the offline website to a large size TXT format e-book. Now, I can read the offline website contents as e-book in my phone.


P/S: I tried to use mobile web browser to read the website online, even using the Reader View mode from Firefox. But there are a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, Internet connection is required. Secondly, Firefox cannot remember until where you have read, and bookmarking does not solve the problem. Thirdly, you cannot adjust the background colour and the text colour as easy as in FBReader. Each app is developed in a very different purpose.

Android ROMs

Recently using MIUI 5. Then I personally feel that it has more features that I like comparing to CyanogenMod and Namless ROM. In my opinion, the worst is Samsung stock ROM. Because it has a lot of unnecessary apps.

Previously I used CyanogenMod, installed it in a Samsung phone. It is clean and rooted and busyboxed. That is why I can enjoy the power of root.

Due to another device not supported by CyanogenMod, Nameless ROM was installed. In my opinion, Nameless ROM is very similar to CyanogenMod, just it is less popular and under development stage. Yet it supports some devices not supported by CyanogenMod, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Previously, with the fame of MIUI, I tried to install in Samsung Galaxy S. The result can only be described by one word, “awful”. It is slow, design is too colourful, not rooted, and there are China directories which are very annoying.

Then recently, just bought Xiaomi Mi 3 with MIUI 5. It is not rooted, and I do not plan to root it because this will void the warranty. Because of the better specifications, it is fast. The first thing I did is to tell myself to ignore the China directories. The second thing I did is to change the theme. Unlike Samsung stock ROM, MIUI can apply some themes online. The interface of MIUI is more eastern oriented, which is more suitable to me. The design like CyanogenMod is more western oriented.

MIUI with applied theme
MIUI with applied theme

One of the great features I like most in MIUI is the permission manager. It allows users to manage the autostart apps. We can disable them. Even more, we can disable the apps to avoid them to use data usage, or avoid them to use WiFi. This is to reduce the unnecessary internet usage. Other than that, there are also popup messages for us to allow or disallow for the permission such as using camera, using GPS, and so on. That means, the users have much privilege to control over the apps.

I believe, rooted MIUI will be even more powerful. Now waiting MIUI 6 release in Xiaomi Mi 3.

BS Player

see… I was trying to play some mp4 file on my sony tablet-s (gen1),

all these while, I’ve been using MX Player and I’ve to say, I’m pretty happy using it…

I’d BS Player installed on my tablet but then, I removed it for the sake of MX Player…

then, till I came across this problem lately…

I tried all sorts of popular/highly rated players on the play store… but then, most of them failed… to play this particular mp4 file…

then, I gave BS Player another chance…

SURPRISINGLY… it worked… now… I guess I shall use BS Player as my default player on my sony then…


Adventure Town

Adventure Town, a very nice Android game. The game play is similar to most mobile games and online games such as Pixel Tower. The objective is to build up your region, optimise the land usage, earn money, upgrade, wisely use the resource, etc. To simplify, grow everything!

However, there is a great strength comparing to other mobile games and online games. NO internet connection required to play the game. Most of the mobile games required internet connection for user account login or update the game through internet. Without internet connection, you are forced to exit. That means, there is no chance to play the game without internet. However, Adventure Town is totally different.

In the game, the greatest challenge is the time. This is because we need to wait for example 2 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours etc to earn the money. Yet the hero’s equipments are expensive. Almost everything is expensive. You must manually retrieve the money, then only the money is stored into your “bank”. Then we need to “stock” the crops into the shops for the next earning. It doesn’t work automatically. It doesn’t mean, you will earn a lot of money after several days without touching it.

However, since the game can be played without internet connection, there are some cheats can be done (you can search it online). Yet those cheats still need patience in order to work. Hopefully the developer will not fix it. If so, I will consider to uninstall it.

Android game: Third Blade

Most of the Android games from Com2uS and and GAMEVIL are my favourite. Because of the gameplay style and the Japanese RPG-like graphics.

Third Blade. Very nice slash game. Not like Demon Hunter, no need to jump here and there, just slash. No need to manage the items, because dropped items are just coins and runes. The shops are easy, buy only. Though the story is extremely short, the gameplay is very good. This is because collecting the coins is the main way to make the main character become stronger. The character experience is quite disappointed, because the highest level is 30.

However, to get the rune is not that difficult, unlike some of the games, need to buy it with real cash, or limited runes through out the whole game. The runes will drop from any monster.

Sharing a small tip about the how I played. There are 3 blades available. The best blade is the one-hand sword. It is fast and attack point is also high. Besides that, there are two powerful skills must use: Counter and Bloody Shock. Counter can protect you from an attack with counter attack. Bloody Shock allows you to drain some HP from the enemies. Then the third skill which can be register to the hotkey is either Shadow Shift or Blade Wave. Shadow Shift allows you to escape far away from the boss. But less useful when you want to kill the boss. So, Blade Wave is better for long distance attack.

The game will be difficult to upgrade the character gradually, because the items are too expensive, and the coins earned in a stage is too few. In a stage, I can only earn around 5,000 plus. I don’t play with the difficult level, because need more time to fight and might lose the fight. Then to earn 30,000 to buy an item, needs to play a stage 6 times. It will be very boring at the end. So, hack it.

I tried to disassemble the file, but failed to hack it. So, search through the internet, still can solve my problem.

The rating I give it is 5/5.

Mega Jump

Mega Jump, though the character is not cute, and actually quite ugly, the gameplay is quite addicting.

The jumping feature is very enjoying and stress relieving. Because the character is boosting as high as possible. And the sound effect is also delighting.

Another addicting factor is the collection of MP (Mega Points). These points can be used to unlock new characters, upgrading the power items, and wallpapers. Collecting these points isn’t difficult, just get 100 coins in a gameplay, you will get 10 MPs.

Android Game Hack

However, if you are feeling wasting time to collecting the MP, there are several ways 1) buy it or 2) hack it. To hack it, only if your Android phone is rooted, then just edit the /data/data/com.getsetgames.megajump/shared_prefs/GSGPrefs.xml.