let me tell you… “freemake video converter” is a superb piece of software man~~~~~~~~
why do I use that??
1. I wanted to rip my VCD (DVD, I’ve not tried yet, I think…) so that I can play on USB on my smartTV, it did the job,
2. then, I’ve some old pieces of japanese drama VCD, again, I’d like to join some of the rmvb files and so on… again, it did the job, the output was pretty big (though not THAT big) size though, and it’s mp4, but then, it served the purpose, my aim was to join the movie files…
3. now, I want to convert my .flac audio files to .mp3, again… it’s doing its job…
seriously… and it’s FREE… what else can be better? I’ve tried a few other piece of software, they’re either too complicated to use,
or, they’re NOT FREE!!!


    1. don’t know oh, today only first time, heard from you, good to use? so far, I find this easiest, but when I searched, factory format has never popped up, anyway, it’s for windows la 😀

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