WordPress desktop app

WordPress.com desktop app is available now. And I am using it.

What is the difference between desktop app and web app?

WordPress.com desktop app requires Internet connection as the web app, and it also renders the HTML5 and JavaScript. But there is one crucial difference. A web app, whenever we visit the page with the URL, our web browser will need to download the HTML and JavaScript, then runs the app.

On the other hand, desktop app, though it also requires Internet connection, the HTML and the JavaScript can be pre-installed in the app. The desktop app will focus on the REST API (or Web API focusing on JSON). As a result, whenever we run the desktop app, it will load the page and script without downloading, so that it is theoretically run faster than web app. The concept is similar to the mobile apps.

However, WordPress.com desktop app does not allow to save the draft locally like mobile app.

Interesting tech note: WordPress.com desktop app is built on top of Electron framework.