FreeFileSync, cross platform synchronizer

I am not heavily depending onĀ  cloud computing, because uploading and downloading large files are wasting bandwidth and time. So, synchronizing among the USB pendrives or external harddisks is my solution for multiple computers.

I have tried several synchronize software:

  • GoodSync was good but not free
  • Synkron, cross platform, difficult to read the comparison of the folders
  • DirSync Pro, also cross platform. Also difficult to read the comparison of the folders

So, the best of the best which I am using now is FreeFileSync. The features I like are:

  • Multiple folders synchronisation
  • The folders comparison result is very clear
  • Can change the syncing direction easily for every file

There is only one drawback. In Linux, when synchronising, the application will exit automatically, due to gtkmm problem (I think so, I reported the bug before). As a result, I need to do the synchronize twice. However, it is still my most favourite synchronize software.