Text editors with window splitting

Using a good text editor during development is very important, as it can ease the job. There are two powerful and old text editor: Vim and Emacs. They can handle large files, split window, indent smartly, highlight syntax, work in console (without GUI). However, both text editors have steep learning curve. Users have to memorize a lot of hotkeys if possible.

My primary text editor is jEdit. It also provides approximately unlimited window splitting. jEdit can also installed with multiple plugins. Users can also create their own macro script using Java language. And it is cross platform. Similar to jEdit, Kate also works with window splitting.

Recently there are a lot modern text editors: Sublime Text, Lime, Atom, Brackets, Light Table, etc. Among these editors, I found that Atom is the one that can split the window. Atom is very interesting that it provides API for the developers to create the Atom packages. There are a lot of packages available in the repository. It is based on Chromium and using CoffeScript (which is similar to JavaScript). Therefore, the installation of the packages is just like installing extensions to Chromium. Creating packages using CoffeeScript is just like writing the user script in Chromium with JavaScript.

Atom seems like a very promising text editor. However, the current stage has a limitation. Atom now cannot handle session. It does not reopen all the files opened in the previous session. There are some packages related to the session, yet none of them works. Besides that, open recent file is available only through the packages.

Hopefully Atom will keep improving. It is full of potentiality.