PPSSPP and other game emulators

Not PSP, but PPSSPP. It is a PSP emulator. For a medium quality computer, playing with PS2 emulator is not that smooth. But PPSSPP is good enough to play the PSP games. And there is an Android port for PPSSPP, but only if your phone is strong enough to run the game.

Thanks to the open source and PPSSPP developers.

Other emulators which I like are VBA-M (a fork of inactive VisualBoy Advance), PCSX-Reload, PCSX2FCEUX, Snes9x, and DOSBox. But FCEUX, Snes9x, and DOSBox games are extremely antique.


Android game: Third Blade

Most of the Android games from Com2uS and and GAMEVIL are my favourite. Because of the gameplay style and the Japanese RPG-like graphics.

Third Blade. Very nice slash game. Not like Demon Hunter, no need to jump here and there, just slash. No need to manage the items, because dropped items are just coins and runes. The shops are easy, buy only. Though the story is extremely short, the gameplay is very good. This is because collecting the coins is the main way to make the main character become stronger. The character experience is quite disappointed, because the highest level is 30.

However, to get the rune is not that difficult, unlike some of the games, need to buy it with real cash, or limited runes through out the whole game. The runes will drop from any monster.

Sharing a small tip about the how I played. There are 3 blades available. The best blade is the one-hand sword. It is fast and attack point is also high. Besides that, there are two powerful skills must use: Counter and Bloody Shock. Counter can protect you from an attack with counter attack. Bloody Shock allows you to drain some HP from the enemies. Then the third skill which can be register to the hotkey is either Shadow Shift or Blade Wave. Shadow Shift allows you to escape far away from the boss. But less useful when you want to kill the boss. So, Blade Wave is better for long distance attack.

The game will be difficult to upgrade the character gradually, because the items are too expensive, and the coins earned in a stage is too few. In a stage, I can only earn around 5,000 plus. I don’t play with the difficult level, because need more time to fight and might lose the fight. Then to earn 30,000 to buy an item, needs to play a stage 6 times. It will be very boring at the end. So, hack it.

I tried to disassemble the file, but failed to hack it. So, search through the internet, still can solve my problem.

The rating I give it is 5/5.

Mega Jump

Mega Jump, though the character is not cute, and actually quite ugly, the gameplay is quite addicting.

The jumping feature is very enjoying and stress relieving. Because the character is boosting as high as possible. And the sound effect is also delighting.

Another addicting factor is the collection of MP (Mega Points). These points can be used to unlock new characters, upgrading the power items, and wallpapers. Collecting these points isn’t difficult, just get 100 coins in a gameplay, you will get 10 MPs.

Android Game Hack

However, if you are feeling wasting time to collecting the MP, there are several ways 1) buy it or 2) hack it. To hack it, only if your Android phone is rooted, then just edit the /data/data/com.getsetgames.megajump/shared_prefs/GSGPrefs.xml.

Android game: Fruit Ninja

Installed Fruit Ninja in my Android. A very nice and addictive game. I just unlock all the blades and the backgrounds. The most difficult blade to get is “Shadow Blade”. In order to get it, we must get 234 score in the Arcade mode. Yeah, I managed to get it. To get it, just try to get 184 with only slice one kind of banana, freezing or frenzy, not double point banana. Then, At the final score, might add up 50 score at the end. Then the total will be 234. Try it, you might like.

DESTINIA: Android game

One of the best features I like for Android phone, is the free apps in Android Market. Spending time waiting someone or spending time just for waiting? Then probably you would like to play a game with your Android phone.

I like to play RPG games with good drawing for the characters, especially Japanese manga liked characters. Android Market provides several free games fulfil my taste. Try this, DESTINIA, you might like it. But this is ARPG.