YouTube Center

If you watch YouTube frequently or occasionally, and you have not a very fast internet connection, YouTube Center surely is what you will like.

Quite a long time, I found that YouTube does not work like before. I cannot pause the video and wait downloading the video completely then only watch it. Now, the video will download a while then stop downloading. Besides that, navigate to different time frame will need to re-download the video. As a result, I cannot watch the video freely after downloading to the web browser.

But using this YouTube Center, now I can disable the Dash Playback (as mentioned above). Now watching YouTube makes me feel easier.

YouTube Center is actually a userscript. However, there is also the Firefox extension, Google Chrome extension, Opera extension, etc.


FlashGot: Firefox extension

The main reason that I am still using Firefox instead of Google Chrome, is because I need those extensions, which Google Chrome cannot support.

FlashGot, this is one of my favourite extensions (add-ons). Previously, FlashGot does not help me a lot for my surfing experience. This is because FlashGot only provides the feature that we can use external download utilities, instead of built-in download from Firefox itself.

So, what is the strength now? It is able to grab the flash video file: flv or f4v. Yes, I can download the video from YouTube using FlashGot. Previously, I need to use DownloadHelper to do so, but now, FlashGot itself is able to handle this problem.