FatRat: GUI download manager you might like

In the previous post, I wrote about aria2, a command-line downloader. But, still I need a better downloader in graphical user interface. Because I have the problem to download a large file from SourceForge.net. Multi-segmented downloading in SourceForge.net servers always fail, so I need to add more mirrors for multi-segmented download. However, this does not work well with aria2.

So, I tried to find any application from Arch Linux, then I found FatRat. It is from Community repository, not AUR. Once I use it, I liked it. Because I can manage the download easier. Besides that, FatRat can work with FlashGot (Firefox extension).

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aria2: Command-line Linux downloader

I tried several Linux downloader with GUI, such as gwget, uGet, and wxDownload Fast, but none of them works well to me: download incompleted, cannot resume, and other bugs.

So, I just use cURL and Wget, the two basic command-line downloader in Linux. Yet they are not satisfying enough, because I prefer multi-segmented download. Finally, I tried Axel and aria2. Then I found that, aria2 looks better for the console output.

aria2 does not provide GUI like other download managers. However, we can still resume the download through command-line.

aria2c -c http://example.com/file.zip

There is a problem, we need to know the URL address in order to resume downloading. This is the drawback of aria2. That means, each time I want to download the file, I need to record the URL address if I want to stop and continue later.

One of the solution I am using is the aria2 configuration file: ~/.aria2/aria2.conf. Inside the file, add the following statement:


This will create a log file whenever downloading a file. This log file can help us to keep track the URL address, and the address can be used for resume later.