Notetaking applications on Linux

Previously I mentioned about Evernote on WINE in Linux. It works fine. Some minor problems I faced are upgrading Evernote requires re-install, because of the WINE compatibility with the installer, and Chinese characters are not viewable at the note list, and restricted monthly upload limit. That is why, I am looking for alternative solutions.

The followings are the notetaking applications I tried briefly,

  • Basket Note Pad – Very fancy. Uses XML and text files.
  • Tomboy Note, Gnote – Android version, Tomdroid notes. Cannot insert picture.
  • Xournal – Doesn’t look like notetaking application I am looking for.
  • Zim – Wiki format. Still active.
  • NixNote – Using Evernote server.
  • KJots – Does not run properly in my computer.
  • WizNote – Requires sign up. It has web clipper and Android port.
  • KeepNote – Uses XML.

Among these notetaking applications, most interesting one is Zim. It can insert a lot of things including picture, screenshot, equation, code, etc. It also allows using tagging. The wiki format is better than XML, since it is just a very plain text file. This mean, I can synchronise my notes over my other devices using the service such as Dropbox, and open the file as long as I have text editor. Editing XML with text editor is not a good idea. The only thing Zim is lacking of is the web clipper and a full port to Android. But this is really a powerful tool, more than notetaking.


8 thoughts on “Notetaking applications on Linux

    1. There are two kinds of notes I am taking. One is my learning log, ie. summaries of what I have learnt or solutions to some problems. But this will not store in the notetaking application such as Evernote. Because timeline is important.
      Second kind is the interesting statements/quotes from internet. Then I will save them in the Evernote or alternative. If the whole article interesting, will save as bookmark. but the problem of bookmark is, cannot search the text. So, notetaking will be a handy solution.

      1. so, that zim’s good for timeline??? interesting… but what about google keep? in fact, haha, you can just keep it to a personal blog, like you said, timeline’s important, i mean, total private blog, or, put it on facebook(of course, not a brilliant choice) but again, full privacy, only 1 audience, ie. you yourself.

      2. Google Keep, tried before. It will not immediate syncing.
        Yah, blog is an alternative. And WordPress allows offline editing in phone. I like “freedom”, don’t want to be bound by any product, especially WordPress is .com, unless I subscribe my own domain. But very troublesome lah, since Zim works fine now.

        Facebook? It is useless for searching. I cannot search what I posted.

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