Emacs vs Vim

Previously I created a table for Vim and Emacs hotkeys. And there is always an editor war between Emacs and Vim.

Recently, I am learning to use Emacs more. Before this, I learnt Vim. This is because vi is a very common text editor in Linux/Unix. Even busybox also contains vi. Thus, I think Vim is the improved version of the essential text editor, which I should learn.

But after watching the Bloomerg video of Linus Torvalds interview, I decided to learn more about Emacs. Besides that, because of using gdb debugger, command-line interface is really infeasible, I tried TUI (text user interface). But the source code buffer (view) sometimes causes overlay text and cannot refresh. Finally, I used Emacs for gdb debugging. Moreover, recently I read a post, it mentions that Emacs can be used as window manager. And, Emacs can be used to play games (I never try this). This indicates the unimaginable potentiality of a text editor.

So, my conclusion is that, Emacs is very powerful text editor, the usage range from text editor to IDE and any other things. But this depends on how a user wants to use it.

(I also found that starting Emacs is slower than Vim.)


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