Terminal emulators comparison

My primary terminal emulator is Xfce4 default terminal emulator (xfce4-terminal). But there is a drawback, that is, the menu bar problem. If using the “mc” (midnight commander), pressing F10 will invoke the menu bar instead of running the command in the “mc”. Other than that, if using the emacs, the alt key will correspond to the menu bar instead of the emacs hotkeys. Thus, I would like to look for an alternative.

Terminator has a lot of features, especially splitting windows and re-arrange the windows. However, I found that drag-and-drop from the file manager does not convert to file path correctly in the terminator.

So, I tried all the terminal emulators which are available in Arch Linux official repositories.

File manager drag-and-drop to file path Menu bar Comment
xfce4-terminal Xfce4 terminal emulator
gnome-terminal GNOME terminal emulator
lxterminal LXDE terminal emulator
konsole With context menu KDE terminal emulator
terminology Elementary terminal emulator
mate-terminal Mate terminal emulator
pantheon-terminal Pantheon terminal emulator
terminator Partially work Allows split window
guake Quake style drop down
yakuake Quake style drop down
tilda No scroll bar and other window components

Based on the results of the comparison I have done above, the terminal emulator which allows drag-and-drop from file manager to file path, yet there is no menu bar, is pantheon-terminal. The drawback of pantheon-terminal is that I cannot change the font properties through the terminal itself.

Xfce4-terminal, gnome-terminal, lxterminal, and mate-terminal are very similar. The konsole allows drag-and-drop from dolphin only. But it does not convert to file path directly, yet a context menu for us to choose to paste location, copy, move, link, or change directory.

I personally don’t like guake, yakuake, and tilda.

If terminator allows drag-and-drop like xfce4-terminal and others, I will choose it as my primary terminal emulator.

As a conclusion, what I can do is to use multiple terminal emulators depend on the situation I face, and my primary terminal emulator is still xfce4-terminal.