Adventure Town

Adventure Town, a very nice Android game. The game play is similar to most mobile games and online games such as Pixel Tower. The objective is to build up your region, optimise the land usage, earn money, upgrade, wisely use the resource, etc. To simplify, grow everything!

However, there is a great strength comparing to other mobile games and online games. NO internet connection required to play the game. Most of the mobile games required internet connection for user account login or update the game through internet. Without internet connection, you are forced to exit. That means, there is no chance to play the game without internet. However, Adventure Town is totally different.

In the game, the greatest challenge is the time. This is because we need to wait for example 2 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours etc to earn the money. Yet the hero’s equipments are expensive. Almost everything is expensive. You must manually retrieve the money, then only the money is stored into your “bank”. Then we need to “stock” the crops into the shops for the next earning. It doesn’t work automatically. It doesn’t mean, you will earn a lot of money after several days without touching it.

However, since the game can be played without internet connection, there are some cheats can be done (you can search it online). Yet those cheats still need patience in order to work. Hopefully the developer will not fix it. If so, I will consider to uninstall it.


4 thoughts on “Adventure Town

      1. If feel that life is precious, and time is precious, will not waste the time to collect those money slowly. Once ajie play, ajie will know how boring to wait for the money.

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