VCD, DVD, mp4, mp3

lately, I was busy trying to cut some DVD/VCD (from my 說說唱唱, by 37.2 度雜貨店)… well… just to keep them in digital form, I do have legit ownership of these DVD/VCD, it’s just that, since we’ve “upgraded” our TV, ie. sony smart TV, we could play mp4 format directly from the thumb drive, that makes things very interesting and a lot easier…
I found some 說說唱唱online, but then, I don’t like the quality, and they’re just small sections of one VCD/DVD, rather than the whole copy of itself,
so, I was determined to rip one for my own consumption…
I’ve tried many many of them, but then,
conclusively, I’m using these three…
to me, it’s just good enough, easy to use,
these piece of software was not that “popular”, I guess… but somehow I had it on my desktop since year 1 I use this PC,
and still a lot of people tell me about handbrake, and so on so on…
I tried all of them,
not user-friendly… or, rather… not “dummy-proof” enough… ^_^
let me tell you…
this piece of software is good… so easy to use,
I load the .vob files, and it’ll do it job, joined all the sections to one file, this is the feature that I like…
again, I just load all the .vob files, or .dat files, walla~~~
from the above, I’ve slight problem, ie. multiple mp3 files,
which I don’t want, cos, I want all of them in 1 file, as in, following the original copy of DVD/VCD,
so, I search for some joiners…
again, a piece to please me is, Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

there completes my quests…


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