Portable applications

Portable applications, from portableapps.com, are really nice.

Though I don’t like Windows, yet portable applications are very useful, because Windows are more common (surely). Furthermore, Linux with wine can work almost perfectly with portable applications.

Prepare one pendrive with these portable applications, run your own web browser with your favourite bookmarks, without a trace on the host computer. This is really nice.

Currently, my pendrive has

  • Firefox – Popular web browser
  • Pidgin – All-in-one messenger
  • Geany – Text editor with code highlighting
  • gVim – Powerful text editor, can open large text file
  • XnView – Image browser
  • SMPlayer – Video player which supports a lot of formats
  • GIMP – Best open source image editor
  • 7-Zip – File archiver

The above applications are also available on Linux as open source except XnView (which also available in Linux but it is non FOSS as XnView MP).