You-Get for Youku

ok… just yesterday I wanted (desperately) to download something from youku, but then I’m on linuxmint, there isn’t an official client for youku download for this OS, but then again, even if I’ve my windows machine, despite the thunderlite that I’ve installed, I always try my best not to install any software from china, cos, they’re too loaded with other things…

so, I found this “solution”, which is… COOL!!!
commandline, but the instruction given is simple to follow…
ie. You-Get

then, I went to the youku sites that I want to download the video, really, it just did it job well… best to use, for linux user, and if you gotta download something from youku…

Available in GitHub.


8 thoughts on “You-Get for Youku

      1. Software-less, memang nice. If using software, too specific, not nice. You-get for youku only, youtube-downloader for youtube only. Need a general solution like the website one, or DownloadHelper. But DownloadHelper does not work on the split video.

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