Android game: Third Blade

Most of the Android games from Com2uS and and GAMEVIL are my favourite. Because of the gameplay style and the Japanese RPG-like graphics.

Third Blade. Very nice slash game. Not like Demon Hunter, no need to jump here and there, just slash. No need to manage the items, because dropped items are just coins and runes. The shops are easy, buy only. Though the story is extremely short, the gameplay is very good. This is because collecting the coins is the main way to make the main character become stronger. The character experience is quite disappointed, because the highest level is 30.

However, to get the rune is not that difficult, unlike some of the games, need to buy it with real cash, or limited runes through out the whole game. The runes will drop from any monster.

Sharing a small tip about the how I played. There are 3 blades available. The best blade is the one-hand sword. It is fast and attack point is also high. Besides that, there are two powerful skills must use: Counter and Bloody Shock. Counter can protect you from an attack with counter attack. Bloody Shock allows you to drain some HP from the enemies. Then the third skill which can be register to the hotkey is either Shadow Shift or Blade Wave. Shadow Shift allows you to escape far away from the boss. But less useful when you want to kill the boss. So, Blade Wave is better for long distance attack.

The game will be difficult to upgrade the character gradually, because the items are too expensive, and the coins earned in a stage is too few. In a stage, I can only earn around 5,000 plus. I don’t play with the difficult level, because need more time to fight and might lose the fight. Then to earn 30,000 to buy an item, needs to play a stage 6 times. It will be very boring at the end. So, hack it.

I tried to disassemble the file, but failed to hack it. So, search through the internet, still can solve my problem.

The rating I give it is 5/5.