[Solved] FreeFileSync crash in Linux when syncing

My favourite app, FreeFileSync, in Linux version, normally will crash during syncing. The reason is not really known, only know that it is related to gtk+ or gtkmm. That means, FreeFileSync is not able to solve the problem.

So, normally, I need to sync several times, around 2 or 3 times to complete the syncing. First syncing will suddenly crash the application. Then I need to sync again, because the first syncing is not yet complete, there are some more files need to be synced. Sometimes, second time also crash, that is why I need do the syncing about 3 times.

So, this is not the best solution, but it is able to sometimes solve the problem.

  1. Do the comparison.
  2. We will see the list of files to be sync.  If we press “sync” button now, normally will crash after a while during the syncing. To avoid this, we need to hide all the items in the list. Thus,
  3. At the “Select view” area, deselect all the “arrows”, so that the list will become empty.
  4. Now, sync.

As a result, the application will not crash during the syncing.

Update (2012-09-20)

With the version 5.7, the bug is totally solved. Thanks to zhnmju123.