Ooh… so, I found the culprit!

ok, that’s how it goes, for some reasons,
mm… I guess, it’s after Dropbox apps is updated on my android, (garmin-asus A10)
something bad happened to my phone,
I failed to get into “accounts & sync” all the time, eversince…
but then, I didn’t know what happened yet,
and I was trying to figure out why, tried this, tried that,
at first, I thought it’s because I uninstall some google apps…
if you happened to own a garmin-asus A10, (I guess, it’s very slim chance, right?)
and if you happened to have Dropbox installed on your device, better uninstall it,
my advice…
for the past 1-2 days, I was trying to solve the problem, without trying to the factory reset, but after many time of failures,
I decided that, factory reset is the only choice for me, for a not so techy person…
I went online to search for solution,
most of the threads that I came across… phew… are all users who’ve rooted their device, and it seemed that, whoever wanted an android, has already planned to root his device…
there’s no direct answer for me from those searches,
so, I reset,
frankly… ooh… it’s blissful,
the reset part, the restore part, kinda easier than resetting my iOS device, cos, all data, or most of those important data, for eg. pics, contacts, bla bla bla, are all stored on the storage card, and the contacts are all “in the cloud”, ^_^, haha! isn’t the cloud sooooooooooo beautiful??
so, after resetting, I just need to download the first most apps, ie. ASTRO File Manager,
and restore the rest of the apps from my SD,
that’s all…
then, I still access to my garmin maps,
my pics, my videos, even my contacts, soooooooooo easily… painlessly!
how I found the culprit is,
of course, I then restore the dropbox apps, cos, I love this apps,
and I still love this apps, just that, I can’t have it on my device, that’s all…
ie. this post is not to “complain” about dropbox, just to share with you, the problem I’ve encountered,
if you happened to have this device, and this apps…
and this problem… ^_^
so, I restored Dropbox,
happily signed in, wanted to upload a video…
and then, the device restarted itself…
oh ya, I didn’t finish my “problem”, I can’t get into “accounts & sync” cos, each time when I tap on the “accounts & sync”, the device restarted by itself…
so, there’s no way, I could get into my “accounts & sync”…
ya, so this time, after restoration the same thing happened again,
and it happened exactly when I signed in to dropbox…
then, I know why,
I uninstall the device,
and there you go…
no problem…

Calibre: Create your own e-book

Previously, I want to create the ebook for my Android phone. Then I look for the software to create ebook and a common ebook file format. Then I found that EPUB is a very popular ebook format. The apps such as Moon+ Reader and Aldiko support EPUB format.

So, to create our own ebook, Calibre is a good choice. It can convert my ODT and DOC files to EPUB. Moreover, the HTML file with table of content can also be converted to EPUB.

If you are command-line oriented, then ebook-convert and ebook-viewer will let you convert the format without import them in to Calibre library. It will be more convenient.

Now, I can enjoy my own ebook with my mobile phone. Great!