Zotero: More than notetaking

Since I am doing research. My good supervisor introduced me to use reference manager software such as Mendeley Desktop or JabRef. This is because writing the article, we always need to do citation and reference.

Since I am using LibreOffice, both can integrate with LibreOffice Writer. However, JabRef does not work as LibreOffice Writer extension. It is more complicated. This makes me try Mendeley Desktop.

Mendeley Desktop provides extension for Writer. It works fine. But when I want to insert citation, the Mendeley Desktop window will be in front, it is a little annoying.

Then, search alternative software from Wikipedia. Then I found Zotero. I used it before. That time, there was no standalone version, it was only Firefox extension. Now, the 3.0 is standalone version, but based on XULRunner. It provides LibreOffice Writere extension just like Mendeley Desktop. Moreover, I can install a lot of different citation styles which I need.

Integrating to LibreOffice Writer, I found that Zotero is better than Mendeley Desktop. Zotero allows the citation format which compatible to MS Word, that is using “bookmarks”. Then I can save it as doc or docx. But Mendeley Desktop does not do so. It is saved as odt, but export to MS Word compatible.

If you are writing article, you may need it.


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