Yet Another “Talk” Show…

ya… another new “chat” on the net in town,
ie. ChatOn
by Samsung Electronics,
available on iOS and Android,
ooh, Android, kononnya, but not my droid, again!!! ~_~
my iPod Touch 2nd Gen, na… not compatible, same “problem” as viber had on it, (ok, my problem, viber already said, they don’t officially support iPod Touch 2nd Gen anymore!)
but ChatOn is worse, it’ll just crash and “exit” the programme on its own…
THAT’s why, I still like Naver’s Line… (my first post, and second post here!)
to make things worse,
my android?
it doesn’t even show up in my apps search result, ie. totally not supported platform,
ok, my droid is 2.1? or earlier, and that’s the max I can go… @_@
however, I do kinda find this ChatOn interesting…
read here,
seems like you can just treat it as another social network platform, while you’re on the move…
imagine, if all your facebook friends, twitter friends moved over here, will you ditch those 2 platforms?
in a way, ideally, I guess so…
if what you’re interested is mainly those tweeting and replying and posting, and locationing type of activities…
since I’m not a Samsung device user, and I guess I never will… (cos, I’m pro-jap-product!)
so, I can’t really tell you the full feature…
so far… to me, it’s just another apps, like Line, like Viber…
(in fact, not so much like iOS iMessage… I love this feature in iOS 5 indeed…)

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