ya… I’ve finally managed to narrow down and identify what’s the cause of my expensive mobile phone bill…
as I don’t work anymore, I only wanna stick to my plan, ie. DG30, ie. 30 bucks per month, max!!!
but then, I’ve been suffering a lot, for the past few months,
due to 3G/GPRS network usage,
simply because, my phone (Garmin-Asus A10) is not able to PRIORITIZE the network usage,
ie. it’s definitely not that smart, as a smartphone…
when it’s in an wifi zone, as long as I’ve enabled “data”, or whatsoever, it’ll just use the 3G/GPRS network provided by my service provider, ie. chargeable, and it’s bloody itemized as “PAY AS YOU USE” items…
so, I found this apps,
ie. APNDroid, with just some minimal customization, and a simple tap… it’ll disable everything, conveniently, whatever network in the air, except my wifi… will be kept…
and that, reduce my bill tremendously…
especially if you’re traveling,
you’d better check it out,
as you don’t want your not-so-smartphone (if you happened to be as unlucky as me!) to tab and roam on data package, that’ll not just cost you a bomb, probably… A HOUSE!

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