Android game: Fruit Ninja

Installed Fruit Ninja in my Android. A very nice and addictive game. I just unlock all the blades and the backgrounds. The most difficult blade to get is “Shadow Blade”. In order to get it, we must get 234 score in the Arcade mode. Yeah, I managed to get it. To get it, just try to get 184 with only slice one kind of banana, freezing or frenzy, not double point banana. Then, At the final score, might add up 50 score at the end. Then the total will be 234. Try it, you might like.



ya… I’ve finally managed to narrow down and identify what’s the cause of my expensive mobile phone bill…
as I don’t work anymore, I only wanna stick to my plan, ie. DG30, ie. 30 bucks per month, max!!!
but then, I’ve been suffering a lot, for the past few months,
due to 3G/GPRS network usage,
simply because, my phone (Garmin-Asus A10) is not able to PRIORITIZE the network usage,
ie. it’s definitely not that smart, as a smartphone…
when it’s in an wifi zone, as long as I’ve enabled “data”, or whatsoever, it’ll just use the 3G/GPRS network provided by my service provider, ie. chargeable, and it’s bloody itemized as “PAY AS YOU USE” items…
so, I found this apps,
ie. APNDroid, with just some minimal customization, and a simple tap… it’ll disable everything, conveniently, whatever network in the air, except my wifi… will be kept…
and that, reduce my bill tremendously…
especially if you’re traveling,
you’d better check it out,
as you don’t want your not-so-smartphone (if you happened to be as unlucky as me!) to tab and roam on data package, that’ll not just cost you a bomb, probably… A HOUSE!

Sure Win with Snoopy’s Street Fair


yes… due to the “kiasuism”… I’ve found a way,

not really sure win, cos, it can’t help you to win bucks…

but then, by putting all these snack cart… you know the end result?

cos, each cart’s available for coin collection every 45s, that also means…

you can’t get your hands off the game,

as simple as that, but THAT’ll help you to go level up pretty fast, and achieve those “items” collection pretty fast too…

wanna try?

I am a Flight Tycoon!

ok… I’ve moved my “stage” from facebook, to iOS,

of course, I am now hooked on Snoopy’s Street Fair,

but then, just today, I discovered another game… simply because of the graphics,

it’s kinda cute, and interesting,

for me to manage,

as well as for my daughter to look at it…

as she loves those vehicles, planes, cars… bla bla bla‚Ķ

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