Google Reader Shortcut Keys

since I’ve been wondering if there is,
and since I’ve found one (my brother helped me to find one, which I should have done it myself, but I just can’t be bother, cos, I thought, the answer should be very easy to be obtained… ^_^)
I’ve been “complaining” in a way, over reading my subscriptions in google reader vs. ipad’s MobileRSS
the main reason, I prefer the latter over the former, is that, I can just swipe and go next…
whenever I’m on google reader, I find “scrolling down” the page very tedious, especially sometimes, I just want a quick peak…
ok, I’m slow, I should have thought of the “next item” thing…
and it’s just there, the arrow button… on the top right corner…
but then, is there any shortcut key?
I asked, (asked my brother first, since he’s such a geek!)
there come the answer, I know I know, it’s already there in the very beginning…
and probably all of you already know, but if there’s anybody out there, just like me…
this is the answer for you and me…

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