evernote, I damn love~

that I can write my notes, my thoughts,
in bed…
while accompanying baby… when she’s there playing and I’m sitting here,
when I’m on the move, in the car…
cos I don’t have a data plan,
and I also do not like to blog on the go… ie. I’m the type who’ll rather type, read again, or edit again, make sure everything’s alright (well, not so serious actually…) and then, only publish it…
therefore, evernote is just THERE for me…
I’ve mentioned before…
I could jot down notes (even include some health related articles, or recipes, or parenting tips…) on my iPad,
or my droid,
or my ipod,
or my windows PC…
or my ubuntu notebook… (except this one, they do not have an apps for linux/ubuntu, the rest, there’s an installer, there’s apps…)
what other apps do I need now??

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