downgrade: Downgrading Arch Linux packages

Again, Arch Linux package from AUR. This “downgrade“, I like it. Because Arch Linux uses the latest version packages, some bugs might not be fixed. Therefore, upgrading to the latest version sometimes might not work as expected. Such as, the recent version of ibus 1.4.0 does not work well. Therefore, we need to downgrade to the older version.

To downgrade to the older version, we can use the downloaded packages at /var/cache/pacman/pkg/. However, if we have cleaned up the older packages, then we need to use A.R.M (Arch Rollback Machine) which contains older version packages.

So, “downgrade” simplifies these procedures. Once anything happened, such as VLC latest version 1.1.12 which produces buzzing audio, then “downgrade” allows me to downgrade easily.

But we need to remember to add the packages into IgnorePkg in pacman.conf, so that the packages will not be upgraded. Upgrade them may be after newer versions released.


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