My News Reader on iOs

ya… this will be my first post here, and if you ask me what am I thinking of… for such a blog… ^_^,

there… I thought of MobileRSS,

hm… probably you’ll like other apps on iOS (mine’s iPad 2 and iPod 2… arrgh… damn old! waiting for iPod 5… ask me why can’t I just go get the iPhone 5?? nah!!! I still love my android, ie. Garmin Asus A10… which, of course, comes with superb Garmin map… especially after my Perth Trip… haha… I shall just put it on the altar, and worship it… ^_^ just kidding…!!!)

why MobileRSS??

ya, like I said, you probably have other better apps for news reading on iOS devices… be it the website itself, or maybe this famous Flipboard… (ok, I like it too.. but you know… both of them behave differently… just different!)

however, in my humble opinion, MobileRSS’s been a great apps as how Google Reader itself is, on web… *_* or in the cloud??


anyway, if you use other clients for news/rss/blog reading, then you may not know what I mean, but MobileRSS serves exactly as how I’ll use Google Reader on the web… for eg. “like”, “add star”, “share”…

and just like what I’ve told my brother…,

I read news on my iPad, ie. MobileRSS even much faster than using the Google Reader itself… (sorry, Google!)

as… I can quickly flip through, vs. I need to scroll down the page… ie. using the scroll button of my mouse… damn tiring man!

if you’ve loads and loads of junks to read like me,

and you like to click “like”, “share”, “add star”… then…

this maybe your good choice… if you own an iOS device…




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