Metroidvania games

In my previous post, I mentioned some games being played. Then I found that, Metroidvania is my favourite game genre, such as Hollow Knight.

Other than Hollow Knight, I played following recently.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is super interesting, Metroidvania + roguelike.  The best thing I love is the game control. The actions are super smooth, and there is no evil stage design like Hollow Knight’s White Palace.


Not bad.

Death’s Gambit

Metroidvania plus souls-like, similar genre like Hollow Knight. But the actions are slower than Hollow Knight, and there is no stage like White Palace.

Among these games, I like Dead Cells most.


I have used GNOME Do for a long time. But recently, it sometimes slow and causes the whole OS (specifically Arch Linux) freeze for a while. Therefore, I tried several alternatives.

Launchy – Not sure why, the skins do not load.

Synapse – Not sure why, the preferences/configurations do not save properly.

Then lastly, I am trying Ulauncher. It uses more memory than GNOME Do. But so far it looks good to me.

Some interesting games

The followings are the some interesting games (Linux wine compatible) that I have played this year:


Sandbox game like Minecraft, but it is 2D. (Compatible to Wine 2.22.)

Torchlight 2

Similar to Diablo. Less lonely because of a pet.

Hollow Knight

Metroidvania and soulslike game. (Compatible to Wine 4.7 for joystick input.)

Stardew Valley

Farming simulation game.

Firefox in Android

Recently, I tried to install Firefox in Android. I found that it is worth to be used. Chrome was my primary Android web browser. But some websites are full of advertisements, which affect my browsing experience. Especially the advertisement that overlays the whole page.

In order to resolve this, I tried to install uBlock Origin to Chrome. But it is not compatible to Android. That’s why, I tried Firefox.

The drawback of Firefox is, it is slower comparing to Chrome. Especially the case that when I try to open a URL from the other apps, Firefox will damn slow to open the URL. And there is a website with a lot of JS errors, it freezes the Firefox, but Chrome has no issue.

OBS Studio

Recently I found this application, OBS Studio, for screencasting. It is the best screencasting software I found, and it is cross-platform.

In Linux, I tried several applications before, recordMyDesktop, SimpleScreenRecorder, and even ffmpeg command-line, and none of them is satisfying. The main issue is either audio recording not synchronised or audio difficult to configure.

OBS Studio is user friendly and easy to configure and the audio is synchronised with the video. Great!

KMyMoney and GnuCash

I was using GnuCash for my personal financial accounting. But recently, it is removed from Arch Linux official repository, because it depends on libwebkitgtk-1.0 which is insecure.

As a result, I migrated the data to KMyMoney. I found that the features are far more better than GnuCash.

Writing memo and tagging features are very useful for me to keep track my cash flow.


Recently updated my Huawei phone, and it shows a new feature for the eye protection. It will adjust the screen to yellowish, to protect our eyes.

I tried to look for some scientific support for this feature. Then I found this. And I finally know that, I am not actually a night owl person, but just because I am looking at the monitor frequently, that is why not feeling sleepy at the night.

Recognizes that exposure to excessive light at night, including extended use of various electronic media, can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders, especially in children and adolescents. This effect can be minimized by using dim red lighting in the nighttime bedroom environment.

(American Medical Association’s Council on Science and Public Health, 2012)

And this f.lux, it will automatically adjust your screen colour to reddish based on your location. You can get your location (latitude and longitude) using GPS. As a result, my screen will automatically turn to reddish around 6:30pm.

f.lux is cross platform, available for Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Arch Linux user can install through AUR.

There is another similar package, Reshift. But I personally more favoured on f.lux, because the configuration is easier and there are presets of colour temperature.

If you care about healthy sleep, try this.

Audacious, DeadBeef, Clementine

I don’t use RhythmBox or Banshee, as they are too bloated for me. I was a Winamp user.

I tried Audacious, DeadBeef, and Clementine. The following is a brief comparison,

  Audacious DeadBeef Clementine
Shortcut key Affect application only Affect application only Global hotkey
APE tag support Didn’t test Can load APE tag Cannot load APE tag
AAC support Correct file extension needed (I rename to .MP4) Can play Can play
Drag-and-drop songs among playlist Copy Move Copy
Copy-paste songs among playlist (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) Can Cannot Cannot

Clementine global hotkey gives me trouble to navigate the audio file within the application.

DeadBeef works well, the only drawback is managing the playlist.

And, my favourite is Audacious. It works well in various aspects.

P/S: Just found that Audacious cannot customize the shortcut keys, but only the global hotkeys with the plugin enabled. The default shortcut keys are Winamp compatible.

Task List (aka To Do List)

I like to write Task List (or To do List), as it helps me to recall what is the next thing to do and what has been done. By completing the tasks, makes me feel satisfied as it shows the growth or development of my life (and daily life). By using tasks list, I will not wandering around too much, as I remember what to do next.

There are two Task List apps which I found nice: Wunderlist and Both are available on Android and Chrome extensions. Both can perform synchronization (as most of the apps should able to do).

I personally prefer Wunderlist, as it has a cleaner view, the widget in Android can show the lists by different categories. One drawback of Wunderlist is, I cannot change the notification sound.

On the other hand, looks more aesthetic. And the good part is, it can set the notification sound. As a result, you can choose a sound that is louder and more alerting.

If running either Wunderlist or on Huawei phone, you may not get the reminder works. Because Huawei EMUI (Huawei’s OS) will kill the background apps to reduce battery usage. This can be solved by go to Phone Manager > Protected Apps, and you can add the apps like Wunderlist or as the protected apps, so that they are not killed.