KMyMoney and GnuCash

I was using GnuCash for my personal financial accounting. But recently, it is removed from Arch Linux official repository, because it depends on libwebkitgtk-1.0 which is insecure.

As a result, I migrated the data to KMyMoney. I found that the features are far more better than GnuCash.

Writing memo and tagging features are very useful for me to keep track my cash flow.



Recently updated my Huawei phone, and it shows a new feature for the eye protection. It will adjust the screen to yellowish, to protect our eyes.

I tried to look for some scientific support for this feature. Then I found this. And I finally know that, I am not actually a night owl person, but just because I am looking at the monitor frequently, that is why not feeling sleepy at the night.

Recognizes that exposure to excessive light at night, including extended use of various electronic media, can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders, especially in children and adolescents. This effect can be minimized by using dim red lighting in the nighttime bedroom environment.

(American Medical Association’s Council on Science and Public Health, 2012)

And this f.lux, it will automatically adjust your screen colour to reddish based on your location. You can get your location (latitude and longitude) using GPS. As a result, my screen will automatically turn to reddish around 6:30pm.

f.lux is cross platform, available for Linux, Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Arch Linux user can install through AUR.

There is another similar package, Reshift. But I personally more favoured on f.lux, because the configuration is easier and there are presets of colour temperature.

If you care about healthy sleep, try this.

Audacious, DeadBeef, Clementine

I don’t use RhythmBox or Banshee, as they are too bloated for me. I was a Winamp user.

I tried Audacious, DeadBeef, and Clementine. The following is a brief comparison,

  Audacious DeadBeef Clementine
Shortcut key Affect application only Affect application only Global hotkey
APE tag support Didn’t test Can load APE tag Cannot load APE tag
AAC support Correct file extension needed Can play Can play
Drag-and-drop songs among playlist Copy Move Copy
Copy-paste songs among playlist (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) Can Cannot Cannot

Clementine global hotkey gives me trouble to navigate the audio file within the application.

DeadBeef works well, the only drawback is managing the playlist.

And, my favourite is Audacious. It works well in various aspects.

P/S: Just found that Audacious cannot customize the shortcut keys, but only the global hotkeys with the plugin enabled. The default shortcut keys are Winamp compatible.

Task List (aka To Do List)

I like to write Task List (or To do List), as it helps me to recall what is the next thing to do and what has been done. By completing the tasks, makes me feel satisfied as it shows the growth or development of my life (and daily life). By using tasks list, I will not wandering around too much, as I remember what to do next.

There are two Task List apps which I found nice: Wunderlist and Both are available on Android and Chrome extensions. Both can perform synchronization (as most of the apps should able to do).

I personally prefer Wunderlist, as it has a cleaner view, the widget in Android can show the lists by different categories. One drawback of Wunderlist is, I cannot change the notification sound.

On the other hand, looks more aesthetic. And the good part is, it can set the notification sound. As a result, you can choose a sound that is louder and more alerting.

If running either Wunderlist or on Huawei phone, you may not get the reminder works. Because Huawei EMUI (Huawei’s OS) will kill the background apps to reduce battery usage. This can be solved by go to Phone Manager > Protected Apps, and you can add the apps like Wunderlist or as the protected apps, so that they are not killed.

Android file transfer to computer without cable

I used Xiaomi Mi 3, that the MIUI default file browser has a feature, which allows FTP server setup. So that you can access the phone’s storage through the FTP server, without USB cable. As long as your computer and your phone is using a same LAN.

But since my Xiaomi phone is rest in peace, I bought Huawei phone. And the Huawei phone doesn’t have this feature. So, looking around from Google Play store, I found the FTPServer. It is nice to setup, including username, password, port, and the default directory. (Note: please set the default directory to the SDCard, others are inaccessible.)

As long as your computer has the FTP client, then you can transfer the files easily from/to your phone. In my case, I use FTP fuser mount. Super nice!

WordPress desktop app desktop app is available now. And I am using it.

What is the difference between desktop app and web app? desktop app requires Internet connection as the web app, and it also renders the HTML5 and JavaScript. But there is one crucial difference. A web app, whenever we visit the page with the URL, our web browser will need to download the HTML and JavaScript, then runs the app.

On the other hand, desktop app, though it also requires Internet connection, the HTML and the JavaScript can be pre-installed in the app. The desktop app will focus on the REST API (or Web API focusing on JSON). As a result, whenever we run the desktop app, it will load the page and script without downloading, so that it is theoretically run faster than web app. The concept is similar to the mobile apps.

However, desktop app does not allow to save the draft locally like mobile app.

Interesting tech note: desktop app is built on top of Electron framework.

All-in-One Messenger

In the previous post, I mentioned about Pidgin. And then now I am using another one, All-in-One Messenger. It is actually a Google Chrome extension, that allows you to use multiple instant messengers in the extension.

The nice part of the All-in-One Messenger is the HipChat. I was using standalone HipChat desktop app, it is resource hungry and very slow. Thus, this All-in-One Messenger really solves my problem by running various messengers.

Yet, the limitation is that I cannot disable an invididual messenger like Hangout or Skype. It can only choose to delete the messenger. I tried sign out, but it will automatically login whenever the All-in-One messenger starts again.


Pidgin, best ever all-in-one messenger. Best, because it has a lot of plugins. If you have multiple GMail accounts, such as personal GMail, and your workplace uses Google App, then you can just use Pidgin. Need not open so many applications.

If you need Skype, for messeging only or group chat, install skype4pidgin plugin. It is better to use it instead of running heavy Skype for Linux Alpha or very old version of Skype. Using web version Skype cannot give any notification, but allows you to view the images directly. But still, using Google Talk/Hangout and Skype services together through Pidgin is much more convenient.

I tried with Telegram also. It works. There are various plugins available. If you need notifications from multiple chat services (including Facebook), Pidgin is the best!

camera apps…

nah… see, lately, I was kinda… (have nothing better to do, or simply, just don’t want to do something better… wahahahahahahaha!!) so, suddenly, I was relooking into my camera apps again,
for the past year, I’ve been backing up my photo to flickr, not all, but selectively, but then, I realised, I can’t get it out, ie. get it out with the caption I put in… so, I was upset with flickr!! oh, dear flickr, please do something about it, but anyway, since yahoo’s been sold off, I doubt there’ll be any improvement in the near future…
so, I look into it, then, I decided to give googlephotos a try… well, I hate to say, cos, google’s tied to your device very tightly, so, it’s kinda confusing, though I’m still using it, for a little while longer… cos, it’s encouraging you to backup ALL YOUR PHOTOS, which I don’t like, in terms of that,
I still prefer flickr, as in the process of uploading, choosing which photos to be uploaded to which albums…, that, was frill-less…
ok, back to my camera apps story,
so, I can’t download/print my flickr photos with the caption/description/title…
so I got upset, and I was looking up and down, in and out, for a good apps,
just give me a few simple things…
ya, nowadays, I tell you!!!! simple things are difficult to get,
just simple things, people just don’t get it,
one good example, Line Camera Apps used to be good, though I prefer Pinguo’s Camera360,
again, these 2, have updated their apps, to having some very unwanted features, as to my standard…
Line Camera, they used to have that polaroid kinda photo frame, and I could write the caption below that photo, NO MORE!!!
Camera360, they use to be able to do batch processing, ie. batch filter, but NO MORE!!!!
irritating, isn’t it!!!!
all I want, is to be able to do some picturecard/photocard/polaroid or some sort, but nah~~~
and on iOS, they used to have this NOTICA Apps, which, till date, I still think, it’s best of its kind…
and sadly, best of its kind, is obsolete now, as in, you go to apps store, the search will give you 0 return…
so, to cut short the story,
after downloading/installing/uninstall a few apps,
below is my finding,
vsco cam – just found out it can do batch edit, bravo, and I still keep this in my phone, as I do love their filter, kinda… “dusty”, ^_^
pixlr – polaroid and caption, it’s this “nolaroid” thing, (it can’t name itself after Polaroid, as long as it’s not by Polaroid)
camera+ – insta card and caption, but can’t choose font, what I gather is, the font’s according to the frame/filter that you pick,
but of all…
I sent a sample of each to my friend, who I happened to chat with,
I mean, the -laroid photocard,
camera+, pixlr, and fotorus,
my friend said that, the one from camera+ is the best, she likes it the best…
then, I told her, ya… it’s in iOS and it’s a paid apps… ^_^
now I see, I see…